When will the SWAPA ZIP be available?


What category does the SWAPA ZIP fall into?

The SWAPA ZIP falls under the L6E category in the EU

What is the top speed of the SWAPA ZIP?

The top speed of the SWAPA ZIP is 45 km/h

How many people can sit in the SWAPA ZIP?

The SWAPA ZIP can seat 2 people comfortably

What is the range of the SWAPA ZIP?

The SWAPA ZIP has a UDC range of 100 km.

Can the SWAPA ZIP’s batteries be swapped?

Yes! The SWAPA ZIP’s 2 batteries can be swapped by the user

How do you charge the SWAPA ZIP?

There are multiple ways to charge the SWAPA ZIP, the batteries can be removed and plugged in or it can be charged using the onboard port.

Is the SWAPA ZIP approved in the European Union

Yes! The SWAPA ZIP is approved in the EU

What are the age restrictions on using the SWAPA ZIP?

Please refer to image below to see the age restrictions on the SWAPA ZIP