Meet the SWAPA ZIP: Revolutionizing Urban Mobility

Meet the SWAPA ZIP: Revolutionizing Urban Mobility

We're thrilled to introduce the SWAPA ZIP, the latest breakthrough in electric urban commuting! As the modern successor to the Renault Twizy, the SWAPA ZIP combines the best of a car and a motorcycle in a sleek, ultra-compact design perfect for city life.

Compact and Efficient

With a length of just 2.52 meters, this nimble vehicle can park virtually anywhere. Its powerful 4 kW electric motor delivers a top speed of 45 km/h, powered by two removable 6.45 kWh batteries that offer a 100 km range. Charging is a breeze—just 3.5 hours with a standard outlet.

Smart and Connected

Step inside the SWAPA ZIP and experience a 12.3-inch touchscreen that seamlessly integrates the instrument panel and multimedia controls. Enjoy 4G connectivity, smartphone unlocking, and remote monitoring of your vehicle’s status and location. Plus, SWAPA ensures your ZIP stays up-to-date with remote system updates.

Eco-Friendly and Cost-Effective

The SWAPA ZIP is not only stylish and fun but also incredibly efficient, consuming just 7.3 kWh per 100 km—costing you less than 1 euro per charge at home.

Get Ready to Zip Around the City!

Distributed by Filante Motors in Italy, the SWAPA ZIP is set to transform urban mobility with its innovative design, smart features, and eco-friendly performance. Join the movement and experience the future of city commuting today!

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